Little Lodges, LLC

"Handcrafted memories for all ages" is simply the best way to describe what Little Lodges, LLC is all about. Our passion is creating unique, quality works of art designed and built to last (and make memories!), for generations. Full log construction, hand peeled, scribed, and carved by an experienced log home building professional is what puts these distinctive creations in a class above all others. This special, custom designed and constructed masterpiece will also be a striking addition to your property. It is a wonderful place for families and children of all ages to make memories that last a lifetime.

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The Original

The Little Lodge that started it all! What began as a weekend/use-up-small-logs project quickly turned into a business opportunity. Since 2004 Little Lodges, LLC has become a family-owned and operated small business building high-quality, hand-built real log structures and helping families make memories that will last for decades.

The Lewis Lodge

The Lewis Lodge is a beautiful cedar log cabin that was completely constructed and then delivered whole and complete to it's new home 80 miles away. The seven Marvin windows were standard but the Dutch door and screen door were hand-made.

The Ganter Lodge

Truly an example of flexibility and an option for the do-it-yourselfers, this Little Lodge was carved and stacked in the log yard, then disassembled and delivered 600 miles. It was then reassembled on site with the help of the owners and their very pleased daughter! They then did much of the final finishing touches together as a family.

Other Fun Creations

A very attractive and very functional addition to the front of a home. The unique logs and craftsmanship make this simple addition to the front entry something other than ordinary. Click the picture to take a look at some other fun creations Little Lodges has done for our customers.